Kibi — body-powered 3D printed upper limb prostheses

Individual 3D prostheses depending on the injury type. Functionality and simplicity of use, unique and bright design which brings joy and self-confidence are the key features of our body-powered prostheses.

протез руки, протезирование, киби
киби, моторика, протез руки


The colorful modern gadgets we have developed for our users make them feel outstanding in a special way. Kids using our prosthetic arms become superheroes and get confidence. They can upgrade their prosthetic device with the additional module such as a smart-watch, flashlight, skipping rope, drone’s remote control etc.

Principle of work

Body-powered prostheses apply drawbars which connects moving elements of an arm and the motionless capsule. In existing mechanical prosthetic the force transmitted to the drawbar is generated by the movement of the opposite shoulder. 

In our tractional prosthesis of fingers the strain is produced by bending the wrist or the elbow joint.

Manufacturing technology

Fast prototyping by 3D printing is used for manufacturing. To create functional prototypes, SelectiveLaserSintering (SLS) technology is used — a layer-by-layer sintering of powder by a laser. This technology allows creating final products of a higher quality and sufficient operational parameters and high-grade surface requiring no additional treatment.

Besides, this manufacturing technology allows printing ready-to-use pulling prostheses of fingers. By using 3D printing and adapt prosthesis design appropriate for patients we can make prostheses for complex injuries even if a patient has a partial loss of fingers.

Body-powered 3D printed prostheses of our clients

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