Treatment in Russia

Our clients get efficient and good-looking prostheses
which are able to perform routine tasks. 

What we offer

  • Motorica provides amputees  with modern stylish prostheses, which significantly differ from traditional ones. 
  • Motorica’s prosthesis don’t cause any inconveniences, as our engineers create prosthesis depending on the unique characteristics of the amputees’ limb.
  • Prostheses are produced for amputees aged 2 and above.
  • 3D printing allows production of prostheses even for severe or complex injuries.
  • Prostheses enable users to perform everyday tasks effortlessly, without hindering movement.
  • Motorica’s staff gives all the necessary information on each stage of the manufacturing process of a prosthesis and makes the process of getting used to a new prosthesis smooth and fun. 
  • It takes no longer than 7 days to get a prosthesis fitted, therefore clients have to be present in Moscow only for 7 days, which helps to save both time and money.
  • Due to the well-developed transport infrastructure of Moscow and the favourable exchange rate of local currency relative to the US dollar, after fitting a prosthesis clients have a wonderful opportunity to explore Moscow and other tourist attractions in Russia.
Our test pilots

We produce two types of prostheses:

Body-powered prostheses of KIBI are produced for wrist and forearm injuries in children and adults

  • Trains and develops muscles;
  • Helps performing everyday tasks;
  • Fits both children and adults;
  • Has additional attached modules;
  • Lightweight;
  • Lifts weights up to 10kg;
  • Customized design.
Body-powered prosthesis of KIBI
Body-powered prosthesis of KIBI

Myoelectric prostheses of Stradivary are produced for forearm injuries in adults

  • Offers up to 18 hours of operation time;
  • Adapts to a user if muscles weaken;
  • Wrist size is similar to the average size of an adult’s wrist;
  • Extended version offers up to 6 grip options;
  • Hand opens and closes fully in 1.5 sec;
  • Has a cosmetic glove in a variety of skin colors;
  • Charges in 2 hours;
  • Allows holding fragile things.
Myoelectric prosthesis of Stradivary
Myoelectric prosthesis of Stradivary

Do you need a modern prosthesis?

Steps to getting a prosthesis in Motorica 

1. Fill out the online application form.

2. Motorica engineer-prosthetist and traumatologist-orthopedist will contact you.

3. Taking your measurements distantly supervised by the traumatologist-orthopedist.

4. Production of the prosthesis in accordance with the measurements and design chosen.

5. Production of additional attached modules (for KIBI prostheses).

6. Motorica manager will help gather all the documents required for visiting Russia and apply for visa

7. Preassembling and testing of the prosthesis.

8. Visit to Moscow.

9. Check in to the hotel.

10. Visit to Motorica`s office in Skolkovo.

11. Fitting the prosthesis and teaching how to use it (3 days for Kibi and 7 days for Stradivari).

12. Departure.

Benefits of getting a prosthesis in Russia

Decision of getting a prosthesis from Motorica gives you a unique opportunity to explore Moscow – one of the most modern and diverse cities in the world.

Moscow doesn’t leave anyone indifferent – it is tricky, fast, big, but you will definitely find something for your liking, as there’s numerous places of interest, cultural amenities, parks and many many more.

Architecture appears to be the most striking thing about Moscow, so you may just walk along the streets to experience travelling through ages. Buildings of various architectural styles and from different centuries integrally co-exist in the streets of Moscow – traditional Russian style, contemporary, constructivism, Art-Nouveau, orthodox churches and monasteries – everything exists side by side making a nice mixture of architectural styles.

Russian cuisine is particularly noteworthy. In recent years a bunch of stylish restaurants and cafes offering contemporary interpretation of traditional Russian cuisine have appeared.


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