Virtual rehabilitation in ATTILAN 

Multiplayer rehabilitation platform in VR

What is ATTILAN?

ATTILAN is an innovative digital rehab platform created by a team of professionals that is aimed at involving the user in the recovery process.

Why virtual reality?

Full-immersion rehabilitation provide more efficient time-spending during training due to interesting scenario, achievements and competitive mechanics.

How it works?

Inside the platform, the user has long-term goals for 3, 6, 12 months, presented as achievements in the game process. This gives the necessary motivation for training to perform the set results if you need a long recovery.

Global game scenario

ATTILAN – is a international space Station on Mars orbit. It’s goal – preparation for Mars colonization. Each player (patient) play role of engineer, scientist, tech personal and any another Station specialist. All in-game rehabilitation scenarios disguised as real tasks or experiments, which has to be done during colonization preparation.


Rehabilitation should be exciting

Individual and highly-detailed game scenario allows to provide better patient motivation and a greater involvement in the process of recovery;

We can easily connect ATTILAN to any kind of rehabilitation device through our Plug&Play electronic module.

The platform provides permanent feedback to the patient’s actions. Through real-time control and timely response to the changes in the patient activity it gives a strong feedback on the quality of his movements and general success in task completion.

Our device is easy to install and use, however our team will gladly provide any kind of support throughout all the stages of platform introduction ( from the installation of VR-equipment to the development of the in-game rehabilitation scenario for your devices).

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  • Increase the efficiency of the doctor’s working time;
  • Effective control of the rehabilitation process and timely response to a decrease in patient activity;
  • Individualization of rehabilitation techniques;
  • Professional advice from the community in the development of new rehabilitation techniques.


  • Personalization of rehabilitation techniques;
  • Increase access to hi-tech rehabilitation procedures in remote regions and small villages;
  • Collection of telemetry of physiological parameters, control of general health;
  • Possibility of emergency notification of rescue services or relatives.


  • Direct access to information about user activity and important product parameters;
  • Plug&Play electronic module for connecting any third-party device to the platform;
  • API for creating algorithms for collecting, classifying and analyzing received telemetry;
  • Admission to work with personal data on the platform.

 Video-presentation of VR platform ATTILAN

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